When you’re a city gal and end up living in a small town (think season 4 of Girls), you take every opportunity to GTFO. Seriously, even if it means going to another small town…at least you’re out moving and not just perpetually stuck in this sad, depressing, strange town named after an animal. So, we started up the Prius and went to Ithaca.

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Before we arrived, the only thing I knew of Ithaca was from the movie Road Trip (which I totally loved, by the way…holla 2000!). The city itself was similar to Buffalo except there were TONS of people playing Pokemon Go which I find hilarious to watch (Jaehoon plays all the time, too). We found some cool stops along the way which made the trip a bit more exciting.  We found a cider house where I picked up a few local bottles of cider and an awesomely delicious ice cream shop.

Also, have you guys tried out any jumpsuits? I’ve been living in this Anthropologie jumpsuit for the past few weeks and it’s wonderfully comfortable plus it was on sale! I have to say that it is not the most flattering piece of clothing I own, but it is pajama-level comfy so basically that’s all that I can bother with these days.


I can’t believe I am posting this so late! Edinburgh was by far one of my favorite destinations ever. It’s so gorgeous and green. Plus, the tram and the bagpipes! I was just in love the entire time. (not to mention that I was on my honeymoon here).

Edinburgh Scotsman Edinburgh Edinburgh Edinburgh Grafitti Edinburgh Eats Edinburgh Eats Edinburgh Candy Shop Edinburgh Trip Edinburgh Cashmere Edinburgh Bagpipes Edinburgh Beer Cider Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Edinburgh Castle Trip Edinburgh Vintage Stores Edinburgh Trip Dogs Edinburgh Trip Edinburgh Grafitti Edinburgh Trip Iron Man Pinball Machine Edinburgh Trip Airport

It was really cold and rainy during our time here which really isn’t much different from the rest of our European honeymoon. Someone once told me that you really know how you feel about a city when the weather totally sucks and it must be true because I loved every minute of Edinburgh! Plus, I picked up a really lovely pink cashmere scarf and a pair of vintage gloves that I’m super excited about wearing in several more months!

Flowers in Toronto

Once again, we left the boring small town life of Buffalo in search of some muggy city air in Toronto. Canadians are pretty famous for being amazingly nice and all-around wonderful. And well, today proved it. There was an entire, stunningly beautiful event happening in downtown Toronto involving giving away free flowers to promote happiness and decrease depression. Beautiful free flowers in Toronto definitely made me feel a lot more cheerful and gave me wonderful vibes from the city! Get on board, America!

Flowers in Toronto Flowers in Toronto Flowers in Toronto Flowers in Toronto Flowers in Toronto Flowers in Toronto Flowers in Toronto Flowers in Toronto flowers in Toronto

Outfit details: vintage top from Edinburgh // Kate Spade bag // Modcloth watch // Gentle Monster sunglasses // Modcloth earrings

Flowers always brighten my day which is probably why 80% of my wardrobe is floral and why I pretty much always have flowers in the house. Giving out flowers (which were all grown in Ontario) to promote bliss and happiness is so perfect and lovely. Canada, you’re just beyond wonderful!

My Paris Dress

Do you have those pieces of clothing that are just super special to you? Those pieces that you wouldn’t trade for the world and just looking at them or wearing them makes you feel perfect and takes you back to a certain wonderful place? Well, that’s this dress for me. The dress I often refer to as “My Paris Dress”. I’m lame, I know. I purchased this dress in Paris on my honeymoon just a few months ago at this adorable boutique, Antoine et Lili, and have been oodling it in my closet ever since.

paris dress paris dress 4 paris dress 3 paris dress 2

Outfit details: handmade earrings from Korea // Antoine et Lili dress // Modcloth shoes

This was only my second time wearing this dress which feels really strange since I seriously admire it every single day while it’s hanging in my closet. It feels a bit dressy for Buffalo and I definitely got some looks on the street (but what style blogger doesn’t, right?), but I felt great so whatevz.

Straight Hair

Short hair has so many benefits, but when it’s a mess…it’s a serious mess and nothing can help except maybe a hat and like 500 pins. So, I was super excited when Irresistible Me asked to try out their awesome hair straightening ceramic brush.

hair straightening ceramic brush hair straightening ceramic brush hair straightening ceramic brush hair straightening ceramic brush

You can see in my post on how to style a pixie cut that I use this brush a lot when I’m styling my hair. It helps my pixie cut from looking too frizzy and puffy which is one of the biggest downfalls for this cut. This hair straightening brush heats up really fast and is so easy to use…you just brush it through your hair and ta da…straight hair!

Hair straightening ceramic brush c/o Irresistible Me  (Use code Get20Off for 20% off your first order!)

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